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Beauty of the sunset_3

It’s from the same building that I see the most beautiful sunsets.

I took too many of these, so bear with me😊😊.

Here they are, from earlier in the evening till later on in the night



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Roadtrip !!!

This Tuesday we, at the University of Nairobi, got a forced holiday. It was quite sad but I decided to look on the bright side. We went to visit my grandpa and I sat at the front seat. Normally, I prefer the back seat so as to sleep all the way (I get car sick).

So this was a new experienceπŸ™„. I found out that all the while, this is what I missed out on…

This was at around 5
The evening came…



The sun was setting…
And the darkness came with beautiful hues…

I took all these while the car was moving, so pardon any blurriness that you may see. I’m still learning ☺

Share your thoughts with me. It is always useful and encouraging to hear from you 😊

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Beauty of the Sunset_2

I like to seek beauty in every single thing or person around me. With the world so full of negativity, I refuse to drown in it all.

One of the things that are outrightly beautiful is the sunset. It just brightens my evenings and erases everything that might be troubling me. So I thought I’d share my bliss with you 😁

This was the first one I took… On ‘auto’ mode


I also realized that I hadn’t exploited the full potential of my phone’s camera. So I started working on ‘pro’ mode. And here is what came up…



My favourite…

That’s all I have for today. Do tell me what you think about my ‘photography’ skills and how I could do better. I’m open to all and any suggestions 😊

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It’s not just common, it’s beauty

Every time I look around, these are some of my views. Well the ones that really catch my eye and entice my camera

Beautiful day at the field in campus
Home sweet home…😍

Seems like I really like the sky

And green is my favourite colour…
A friend sent me this when I asked for it. Am I the only one who thinks it’s beautiful?? Kericho Kenya

Kenya is beautiful, and I’m proud to be Kenyan.


As the elections get closer, let’s maintain peace✌

#weareone #weareKenya


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The Sunset Never Grows Old

The sunset being an everyday thing has gotten to a point where people rarely appreciate its magnificence. Β Still I do not take it for granted. I may fail to notice it daily but when I do, I just stare in awe. You know that wide-eyed open-mouth look? That’s what I always have. When that happens, I always feel my spirit uplifting. For a moment I forget about whoever or whatever made my day hectic. I forget about the deadlines that are quickly drawing near. I forget about where I am and just… stare. The sunset to me is one of God’s miracles; a gift to humanity.

Took this while traveling… Motion pictures, I am still learning to take
The window looked prettier…
Appreciating the little things…
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Beauty in Nature.

Kenya, being a third world country, is not that much developed. Most people would see that as a disadvantage, but I choose not to. I’d like to think that somehow this fact means that we get to preserve our natural beauty.

Where my roots are πŸ™‚

I happen to be a lover of nature and the last time I went to visit my village I came across these beautiful flowers that I know nothing about but really loved. I saw them while I was walking around bored and they just brightened up my day…

Literally brightened up my day…

So I thought I could share them…

This was my very best!!!
I’ve always seen these since I was young. We’d put them in our hair. Doesn’t it remind you of the snapchat crown filter?
I thought these looked serene…
I have no idea why I took a photo of these. They looked confused about who they are, kinda like me Hehe

Might you be knowing the names of any of the above flowers? Kindly leave a suggestion in the comments…