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It’s not just common, it’s beauty

Every time I look around, these are some of my views. Well the ones that really catch my eye and entice my camera

Beautiful day at the field in campus
Home sweet home…😍

Seems like I really like the sky

And green is my favourite colour…
A friend sent me this when I asked for it. Am I the only one who thinks it’s beautiful?? Kericho Kenya

Kenya is beautiful, and I’m proud to be Kenyan.


As the elections get closer, let’s maintain peace✌

#weareone #weareKenya


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Beauty in Nature.

Kenya, being a third world country, is not that much developed. Most people would see that as a disadvantage, but I choose not to. I’d like to think that somehow this fact means that we get to preserve our natural beauty.

Where my roots are 🙂

I happen to be a lover of nature and the last time I went to visit my village I came across these beautiful flowers that I know nothing about but really loved. I saw them while I was walking around bored and they just brightened up my day…

Literally brightened up my day…

So I thought I could share them…

This was my very best!!!
I’ve always seen these since I was young. We’d put them in our hair. Doesn’t it remind you of the snapchat crown filter?
I thought these looked serene…
I have no idea why I took a photo of these. They looked confused about who they are, kinda like me Hehe

Might you be knowing the names of any of the above flowers? Kindly leave a suggestion in the comments…