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Just The Two of Us

 HER: He said he came from Jamaica, he owned a couple of acres. A couple fake visas cause he      never got his papers. Well that wasn’t him. This one was just always there. Three years down    the line but I have only known him for two. First acquaintances then friends. I called him my soulmate but he never knew why. CIA agents he called us because we ran a covert affair. That’s how it started but only for so long. Awesomeness and greatness all put in one. Amazed I am and humbled to have known such. A sweet tongue he has and the skill to use it he doesn’t lack. Maneno matamu humtoa nyoka pangoni; and outside my cave he managed to draw me. Let’s make it on a Friday, I could be late but don’t worry I’m always on time. Those were his words. After struggling with the spaghetti and downing the cooling cocktail, his bag he handed me; the one I had always coveted. My face lit up all excited. ‘Finally! He gave it up…’. ‘Open it up’, he said. All so curious I looked inside but so dark it was I almost didn’t see it. Then the pink caught my eye and my heart skipped a bit. Pulling it out, I held my breath. When my heart got back to beating, the rhythm wasn’t the same. It beat harder and I felt a lump come up my throat. I tried to speak but my voice caught and the words disappeared. Speechless!! I laughed to hold back the tears. “Keep it together girl”, was all I could hear in my mind. ‘On my way home I kept staring outside the window fighting back the waterworks for so many reasons’, I told him. But the real reasons he might never know. Three rocks that shine and glimmer in the sun. ’I wish I could have captured this moment on video… You should have seen the look on your face: You couldn’t have looked more beautiful’ are the words I remember him saying.  ‘What were they for?’ I asked. The answer I did not get. So, while I’m seated here playing with the necklace on my neck, I can’t help but think it is a farewell gift. Well that’s how I choose to take it as. Every time I feel it touch my neck, my thoughts to you they will go. And like a film, the memories will play in my head. In my prayers you always are, somewhere at least.

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HIM: Wow… I’m flattered, speechless in fact. Real reasons I might never know?? I thought the secrets would have stopped by now?? A sweet tongue I know I have. She says I have the skill to use it but I doubt I do. With it I never got her to the tip after all. She on the other hand knows how to kill it. ‘Slow down!’ I told her. I feared I might buzz real quick and the magical moment would have been short lived. But she is obedient. ‘The sight of you is second to none!’ I told her. But she said I turn my sweet words into actions, otherwise she thought I’m just a flirt. Three rocks glimmering under the sun is what she called what I got her. She almost wept. Her heart melted and she went speechless! She thinks it is a farewell gift, but not so. She is the custodian of the three rocks. I will be back not to take them away, but to replace the one on the neck. As I think of it’s perfect position and the glorious view it has of that chest let alone the sweet scent around, I get jealous. She claims that if she woke up and found herself hooked too much to me she will walk. So from acquaintances to friends to running a covert affair: was I a fool to think we could be more than that or was she the fool to think that she could walk away if shit got any realer??


HER: You know why I call him my soul mate?? Because he seems like someone we’d get along with quite well. But as life is so unfair, soul mates do not end up together. And that is the sad bit. I keep asking myself are we wasting our time?? Or more specifically I his?

HIM: ‘So tell me the real reasons why you had the waterworks.’ It’s true we might not end up together. She has questions that either you can’t get an answer to or a question that is an answer already and chances are you might not like the answer. Both options make you feel like she’s breathing fire on you. Now she asks if we are wasting each other’s time and specifically if she’s wasting mine. But I would like her to know… When she is around me, there’s no place I would rather be. When she is not, that’s the only place I’d want to be.

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HER: As he was going to be away for some time, I couldn’t help but feel as if he was being taken away from me. I wanted so much to talk to him as much as I could but that was not possible. It seemed as if all the forces were working against me. First, my phone ran out of power. Then there was horrible traffic. And as if things couldn’t get any worse, the lights went off immediately we got home. I remember how hopeless I felt. He wanted me to comment on his last statement. But nothing came to mind. A large red throbbing heart I sent him since that is what mine felt like at the moment.


The above is an article that the two of them wrote. And they started looking for a name for it.


HIM: Bonney and Clyde?… Clever fools?

HER: I like Bonney and Clyde… Hopeless Hopefuls?

HIM: Nuh… Those are actual names of other people. Let’s use our actual names then. And oh! Are you hopeful?

HER: Nuh. Using our names would be too direct… I was hopeful. What about you?

HIM: Was? What changed?

HER: I don’t know really… I’m yet to find out.

HIM: After writing all that and now you tell me that you aren’t hopeful?

HER: Speaking of which I would like to see one every two weeks. You haven’t answered my question by the way.

HIM: One every two weeks will make you more hopeful? Yes, I am hopeful!

HER: What makes you so? I think my problem is the distance.

HIM: I don’t know, soulmates maybe, I owned the name soulmate you see. About the distance, it’s only for a period of time and I will be back to continue this ‘thing’ whether you will have replaced me or not

HER: *Chuckles*… If you are overthrown, we cannot continue now can we?

HIM: I don’t care, coup de’ tat. If it’s someone I’d rather be with you can even call me Kim Jong Un. So you can prepare in advance. When I get back, I’m not holding back. After all, I did ‘mark’ you as my own…

And that was how the conversation ended. They agreed that no one would be replacing anyone. They would figure it out together… When they got a chance to sit down and talk.

                                                     *THE END*



I am a born again Christian who loves to write. A student pursuing Electrical and Electronics Engineering . A lover of fashion and food. Art just draws me in, all forms of art. On a journey to self discovery and above all, knowing more about God.

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