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In Prison… Yet I have The Key

You think you overthink??

Hi, I’m Alfie… my mind is always at work even when I’m asleep. Outwardly I’m beaming with positivity but deep inside, I have constant negative energy. I am very capable of changing the world and impact lives but I lack self-confidence. I like to keep time and meet deadlines but procrastinating is bae. I purpose to have a fulfilling spiritual life but the world engulfs me with all its intoxication. I am a loving person but not necessarily a friendly one. I enjoy people’s company but I hate crowds. I talk big game but I am a coward. I know all these and would like to change… but I have no clue where to start.

From all the movies I have watched, one thing is clear. Prison is rough! You get prosecuted and have a lawyer point out all the things they think you have done wrong; convincing the jury that you should be excommunicated and if possible never exercise your right of freedom. If you have any ounce of decency at that moment, guilt gnaws on you and you’re sure there is no one worse than you in the world. Then you get to prison!! And you realize, you’re not that bad. It could be a wrong way of consoling yourself, but you meet people who have done far worse things (according to you) and you know there is a chance for your redemption. You just made a mistake that you’re paying for by staying in isolation and constantly thinking about what you’ve done, how it has affected various people.

But you know what I find worse? Self-inflicted imprisonment.

Try picturing yourself in a room. An empty room. You’re curled up in a corner looking around nervously as if someone is out to get you; burying your head in your arms that are rested on bent knees. The loneliness and sadness have drawn almost permanent tear lines down your face. The silence is too much for you that you’re almost going mad. Suddenly through the thick walls you can hear what is going on outside the room. You’re curious. You stare at the door wanting to get out into the world. Not that you can see it. The room is too dark as there are no windows, but many years of staying indoors have made you know where everything is. Standing up, you walk towards the door and as you fumble around, you realize there is a key. You open the door and peek outside, there are no guards. Here is your chance at freedom. All it takes is one step… just one. You lift your leg pushing it forward and pause… Then you step back, turn the key and go back to your corner. Later on, you will be wondering why you did that. Why you gave up freedom and locked yourself inside instead of stepping out.

See, in this prison, no one keeps you inside but yourself. There is no judge, only you condemn you. Only you limit your potential. Only you inhibit your own happiness… and it sucks! Nobody likes to be isolated. Human beings are social beings. I always say that we are created for a purpose. When one is in prison, they do not utilize their abilities and one is definitely not happy. Various things can make you imprison yourself including lack of self-belief, self-confidence and self-love. The good thing about this kind of prison (or the bad thing) is that you can get yourself out, only you. People may try to get you out but if you do not want to be helped, you will only stay inside and miss out on opportunities and happiness. We don’t want that now do we??

All you have to do is believe in yourself. Believe that the world is as you make it. That you are in charge. That God has your back. You are never alone, so don’t lock yourself in. You are the key to your own destiny. All you have to do is have faith, and work on it.

Get out of your own self-made prison. Break free!!


I am in the process, just struggling with the key…



I am a born again Christian who loves to write. A student pursuing Electrical and Electronics Engineering . A lover of fashion and food. Art just draws me in, all forms of art. On a journey to self discovery and above all, knowing more about God.

11 thoughts on “In Prison… Yet I have The Key

    1. I believe that no one person can have all negative and no positive attributes. One just has to sit and concentrate on the positive side of life. You could be surprised by how far a little positivity could take you. Everyone has a purpose and great potential. If that doesn’t work, you could always ask yourself, “what do I have to lose?”


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