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Trending for who??

In my long/short life, I have come to realize that it gets to a point in one’s life when they question if they are trendy or not. In fact it happens in all stages of one’s life. I remember as a teenager the pressure was real!! Whether you had friends or not depended on how stylish and trendy you were. The situation isn’t much different with the people who are going through their teen years right now. I think it only got worse. What you wear, what you eat, the type of phone you have, your following and presence on social media, who you know, who knows you, how you talk… Every bit of your life has to be on fleek. When you get to 30 you start fearing that you are getting old and irrelevant. You feel the need to be felt and keep up with the activities you did while you were younger. By the time you get to your 40’s midlife crisis kicks in and some decide that this is the time to go out and meet new people, try new things.

But what really is the science behind trends? How do they come to be?

This is how I would explain the hierarchy behind trends:-

First, the originators…

THE TREND-MAKERS. These are the guys who make the products or services that people use; the brains behind the masterpiece. They include designers, manufacturers and entrepreneurs. Risk-taking is what they specialize in trusting that their ideas will be embraced. They take in criticism and convert it into something better than their fist creation.

Image result for trendy trademarks of 2016   Image result for watch brands for men

Then, the people everyone wants to be…

THE TRENDSETTERS. These are the guys who take something people know nothing about and make it the ‘thing’ to have or be doing. Trendsetters are mostly celebrities, socialites and the influential people around us. Even our parents, old as we may think them to be, are trendsetters in a way. Everyone has the ability to be a trendsetter…

Image result for kylie jenner

But sadly (or not), most people are…

THE TREND FOLLOWERS. “Did you see the dress Gigi Hadid had on the red carpet, I would like such?” ,”I should buy a crop top, everyone has one”, “That’s so last year, this is what people are doing now”…I tend to think that these are the kind of statements I hear most from this group of people. They have the latest of everything and don’t like to be left out or be the ones who don’t know the latest gig or gossip.

Suddenly keeping up becomes more important than maintaining one’s identity. People don’t stop to think if what they are getting themselves into goes against their principles and what they stand for. Clothes no longer have to fit right as long as they are the ones everyone is adorning. “Why should I be restricted to being myself while being like so and so is much more exciting?”. It’s amazing the lengths people are willing to go to to obtain some of these expensive things just because it’s ‘trending’…

Personally I just don’t get the fuss over trends. Just because I do not follow trends doesn’t mean I automatically fail to be stylish. Hell I could be my own style-icon for all I care, and I will still make it work. It’s  not about what others are doing. The important thing is ,what works for you? If it happens to be what everyone is into at the moment, well and good. If not, just let it go. It’s better to be wearing last year’s clothes than to attract attraction for the wrong reasons on the streets. Having no make up at all is a much more attractive option than looking like a clown. Being true to yourself is easier than following someone else.

I have nothing against trends and following  them, but I have everything against following them blindly.

Why not be a trend-maker or setter for a change??

The only trend I follow is Living for Christ. In the words of one Taylor Swift; Jesus and I, ‘we never go out of style’



I am a born again Christian who loves to write. A student pursuing Electrical and Electronics Engineering . A lover of fashion and food. Art just draws me in, all forms of art. On a journey to self discovery and above all, knowing more about God.

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