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Care to write?

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At times it is fun reading, but do you know what I find fun, interesting and challenging… writing. When you read, you get to know and dig deep into the writer’s thoughts by the time he/she was jotting down their piece of art or typing speedily and excitedly as their minds open up to form a wonderful story that is so intriguing, attention capturing and suspense creating. But then with writing, it is all you. Your mind is the one people look into when they take a look at your piece of literature. They see your brilliance and your creativity. They want to dig in deep when you capture their minds to the deep unknown. You make them comprehend the story and they visualize it as if they themselves were the characters in the story. They feel the emotions that you put in your work to the point of crying when the characters cry and laughing when it gets funny. They get all tensed when there is danger in the scene and excited when there is adventure. They feel relieved when someone is saved and it gets them grateful and yearning for love when two characters survive the struggle, temptations and problems that come with love earning themselves a happy ending. Through your own writing, you open up the minds of people to think out of the box, within the box and without the box. You inspire potential writers as they learn a few techniques of writing. You make people glued to your book or article and end up doing something useful instead of being destructive on boring jobless days. You give people something to look forward to when they finish a chapter and they just want to start the next to keep track of the story line. You give humans something to fall back to, company when everyone else around them just doesn’t seem to care. That is the power of a writer. Few are given such opportunities and capabilities. So when you get hold of a book and you see the name of the author on that cover page, have total respect for that person and be inspired to be like so or possibly greater. I know I am already on that journey. Care to give me company as we head into the unknown??


As I was going through some of the articles I wrote some time back, I came across this one. It was among the very first things I typed if not the very first. A few years later and I can put it up for all to read.

I do love reading… but writing stole my heart!!!

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I am a born again Christian who loves to write. A student pursuing Electrical and Electronics Engineering . A lover of fashion and food. Art just draws me in, all forms of art. On a journey to self discovery and above all, knowing more about God.

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