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At one point in life we all have an idea as to what we would like our future life time partners to be and look like. For light-skinned ladies, they probably want someone dark. To neutralize our color maybe?? I do not know. Dark skins could want either since some ladies always want to be the light ones in the relationship regardless of their color. And onto deeper stuff women want a guy who is assuring and confident but not corky. He should be hardworking and able to provide. He also should be manly but also sensitive and caring. We like a guy who is able to make decisions but not too controlling; one who is romantic and knows how to show love. We ask for a lot; I know but that’s just us.

Guys don’t demand too much. Some just want a beautiful lady to go flaunting around such that when they say that that is my wife, people get jealous. Others want a home maker. One who can cook, clean and iron. Some men want a companion and a friend.

But all this is not my reason for jotting down this real quick. So in all my life, I have always heard ladies say they want tall, dark and handsome. I’d like to ask a question on the matter of height. Does height matter? I know all of us will be quick to say that it does. But have we ever sat down and wondered what it is we might miss out on if we ignore our short brothers? I know, I know… I’m talking specifically about ladies here. But also to the men… would you date a lady who is taller than you?

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How is height important to us ladies? We want to be on our toes when we hug a man. Or even if not so, someone to look up to, literally. We want to rest our heads on their chest when happy or sad and feel their heart beating to remind us that this is a human being whose heart beats for us. We want to have a shoulder to lean on when we are crying, tired or just for the sake of it. No lady wants to be the one bending down to do all these things. And I think it is obvious that every man wants to be all these things for the lady they love. Or even a friend for that matter. I’ve had shorter guys refuse to hug me because to them it is intimidating.

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So how then do ladies relate with shorter guys? How do you say that you’re close to someone yet you can’t even hug them in excitement? What if you find what you have been looking for in a lifetime partner in a shorter guy, do you just let him go because you’d not get to experience the above mentioned things? Does it mean that really tall ladies are limited to a few tall men or that short guys to the short ladies only? At least guys are lucky that short ladies are many. Though does it mean that you compromise on what you want because of height? Such is a thing that we take so lightly because mostly things work out the way we want them to. But I think its high time we really ask ourselves, does the angle of elevation matter??


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I am a born again Christian who loves to write. A student pursuing Electrical and Electronics Engineering . A lover of fashion and food. Art just draws me in, all forms of art. On a journey to self discovery and above all, knowing more about God.

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