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Friendship:- Gift or Burden??

Have you ever wanted to get somewhere so much but the road there is a bit too lengthy? You start with baby steps,graduate to a jog then push yourself to a sprint. Instead of getting there faster or sooner, you get late because in your ambition and rush to get there you stumble and fall… Hurting yourself and others.

Looking back, you realize that you hadn’t cared how you got where you were aiming at. You stepped on people’s feet and shoved them aside ignoring the angry and piercing looks that people threw you.

“The end justifies the means”.

Now that you are all alone on the ground crying and begging for help, it dawns on you how lonely the journey had been. The people you passed on your way walk right past you, the ones you had offended take a jab at you while some walk on you like a doormat. As time goes by, despair fills your entire being and hope deserts you.

“Why did karma have to remember me??”

But hey, not everyone is like you and with time you find someone who helps you. Your gratefulness knows no bounds as they get you up, dust you off and offer to carry you till you feel well enough to walk on your own.

“No man is an island”

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You regain your strength thanks to this friend by your side and the journey isn’t so hard no more. Finally you’re laughing and fun is no longer just a word, it’s an experience. You sneak a peek at the fingers clasped around yours and you understand what loyalty means. A glimpse behind you and you see the milestones you have covered.

“Alone you can go fast, but together you can go far”

But that’s just it. You’ve gone far but have not gotten there yet. Snail’s pace feels like an understatement right now and you think you know what is holding you back. Tears rolling down your face you let go of their hand and departing from them, you leave a piece of your heart behind. .

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You were happy with them but will be happier when you get to where you are headed. Or so you convince yourself. Eyes on the prize you forge forward, never looking back. Will you be happy though? Will you??

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It may not always be easy but it’s great to have a friend. Remember to cherish your friends always!!!



I am a born again Christian who loves to write. A student pursuing Electrical and Electronics Engineering . A lover of fashion and food. Art just draws me in, all forms of art. On a journey to self discovery and above all, knowing more about God.

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