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The Aftermath.

At one point in life we all lose someone we love.

This is a little something I wrote, I think everyone can relate to…


It's too much it wears my body down

I feel tired

I feel sick

Iā€™m thinking maybe I haven't had enough sleep


Lately my dreams ain't sweet no more

The nights have lengthened

Yet most of it Iā€™m awake

When I close my eyes

All I see is a dark deserted street

Everything in black and white

I look up,

no moon, no stars

Lamp posts broken so there is no hope for light

The wind blows

All I see are papers and dust whirling in the air

Then you appear at the end of the street

I smile

Finally, not alone anymore

I start walking towards you

But the distance between us remains the same

I start running

But instead you seem to move further away

I call out to you, but my voice gets carried away by the wind

I try harder

I got to tell you something

I want,...


I need to tell you something

I decide to tell you anyway

As I open my mouth to shout

Dust carried by the wind chokes me

Gets into my eyes

As I struggle to maintain sight of you

My efforts prove futile as a whirlwind builds up between us

So strong heading towards you

Engulfs you

Up in the air you go

I fear it will carry you away

I increase my pace calling out your name

I suddenly stop

It has turned around and is heading my way

Carrying you straight into my arms

Oh what joy fills my heart

You get closer

My arms wide open

I wait to receive you

My happiness is short-lived as you are carried away right past me

Higher and higher

I jump getting hold of your shoe

But it comes off

Now it's all I have left of you

:-Alfie Wanjiru.







I am a born again Christian who loves to write. A student pursuing Electrical and Electronics Engineering . A lover of fashion and food. Art just draws me in, all forms of art. On a journey to self discovery and above all, knowing more about God.

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