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Introvert or Extrovert??

In my first post, I had talked about how I began writing in ” How it all Begun.“. I mentioned that I was a quiet person and one who is not as loquacious as most of my friends were. This really bugged me as I mostly felt out of place. I didn’t make friends easily and when I did, they dominated the conversations and talked over me because apart from not talking much, when I did talk… I wasn’t as perceptible as everyone around me. When I was at a youth conference, one of the speakers happened to be talking about personalities and I felt as if I had come across a revelation!!!! FINALLY! I was understanding myself and it felt elevating to say the least.

Who am I?   Where do I fall?   What are my characteristics?

Learning about your personality could change your life. Not only will it help you understand yourself and how to deal with people, it could also affect the career path you take, the friends you keep and also how you choose your life time partner.. Sounds important right? That’s because it is!!!

Personality types are generally categorized into two. There is the ‘Introvert’ and the ‘Extrovert’. Now to determine if you fall under either of these two groups, here are a few questions you could ask yourself:-

  1. How do you feel around a large crowd of people?
  2. Are you a cautious decision maker?
  3. Are you a risk taker?
  4. Do people describe you as quiet or social?
  5. How do you react to too much noise?……  Among many more.

Let’s look into the characteristics that make these two very different.


Extroverts tend to be lively and social. They are friendly and get energized in social gatherings or places they can interact with friends or strangers. That being said, extroverts make friends fast and are easily the center of attention wherever they go. They think fast on their feet and are risk takers. Extroverts are feelers and tend to work with their heart and emotions. They are also comfortable with conflict. People who are extroverts in nature are confident and go-getting. They love to party and putting them in a quiet environment gets them feeling bored and restless. Which makes me wonder, do extroverts spend even 10 minutes in a library?? Extroverts love outdoor activities that test ones mettle and tap into the energy of there surroundings. They are like vampires only that they feed on energy, I guess we can call them energy-vamps.

ESFP Personality (“Entertainer”)
Party all day e’erday!!!

To other people extroverts come out as rowdy, careless and irresponsible. Since they mostly take the spotlight, one would think they are arrogant and self-obsessed. To avoid this, it would be wise for an extrovert to learn how to stop… and listen. It is amazing how much one could learn if they just pause for a moment and take in what’s happening around them. Life is short but if you are always on the fast lane, you stand to miss out on the beautiful scenery all around you.


According to the avatar anime, extroverts and introverts are like fire and air or water and earth(yes!! I watch cartoons and animations:-) ). These two are total opposites. By now you could guess the characteristics of introverts. Yup, introverts are mostly energized when they are concentrating on an activity they love engaging in. They prefer exercising their social rights on a small group of friends and rarely strangers hence putting them in a hype place makes them feel overwhelmed. Introverted people are thinkers; they weigh their options carefully when taking risks and their words before they speak. They seek out environments of peace, sanctuary, and beauty; they have an active inner life and are at their best when they tap into its riches.

ISTJ Personality (“Logistician”)
Is it better to go right or left?

However while introverts are peace-lovers and mostly calm, other people may see them as snobs or overly-timid. This could lead to people not wanting to make friends with them or walk all over them. Introverts too could miss out on fun activities and great company as they lock themselves up in their cosy cocoon. As much as it goes against their nature to be social, introverts could try smiling and saying a few more words than they usually do to other people, strangers included.

WAIT! There’s more. Another group you say? Oh yes!!!


Now these are like the avatar. They strike a balance and have a bit of all The above characteristics.


Now that you know all these… where do you fall??

For more accurate results, try doing some personality tests on the internet. I suggest you check out the Myers Briggs Personality Test. Have fun finding yourself out.



I am a born again Christian who loves to write. A student pursuing Electrical and Electronics Engineering . A lover of fashion and food. Art just draws me in, all forms of art. On a journey to self discovery and above all, knowing more about God.

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